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located in Oxford, Michigan
part of the Great Lakes Council, Pontiac-Manito District, Boy Scouts of America

Overnight Trip

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Directions Basic Information What to Bring and Rules Trip Timeline
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Step back into time and tour a WWII submarine and a Prohibition-Era Coast Guard Cutter. These vessels are currently berthed in Muskegon, Michigan at the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum. They are the USS SILVERSIDES SS-236 and the USCGC McLane W-146. The Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum is located on the south side of the channel wall near beautiful Lake Michigan, also features a maritime museum and gift shop.

For more information on the USS Silverside Submarine or McLane Cutter, click here.

The USS Silversides has a maximum capacity of 72 beds.  Based on our group size, additional BSA scouts will also be sleeping over as well. 

PAYMENT DUE at January 8, 2013 Pack Meeting.

Date:           Saturday, April 20, 2013

Details are as follows.....

Cost:  $35.00 per overnight guest

Adults must sign up for a one-hour watch shift during the overnight stay.

Who:  Cubs, Parents and Siblings are welcome.

What:  The $35.00 includes a tour of the USS Silversides & overnight accommodations on the submarine or cutter.

Additional Opportunity:  For $5.00 per person, you may participate in building an underwater robot class from 4 - 6 pm on Saturday.


From M-24, take I-69 west about 74 miles to the I-96 west exit, exit #81. Take I-96 west towards Grand Rapids and drive about 89 miles into Muskegon. I-96 ends where Business 31 continues downtown. Stay on Business 31 North until you reach Sherman Blvd. Head West on Sherman Blvd. until you reach Beach St. At this point you will see that Sherman Blvd. dead-ends in one block. Curve to the right onto Beach and continue through the subdivision. Stay on Beach to Lake Michigan and continue until you come to a stop sign. Turn left at the stop sign and continue on Beach St. until you reach the Margaret Drake Elliot Park. You then turn to the right continuing on Beach for one block. When you round the curve onto Fulton, you will see the submarine. Turn left into the driveway.

Silversides phone # = (231) 755-1230

You must bring: sleeping bag, pillow, washcloth, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, and flashlight.

Remember. The temperature along Lake Michigan can be a lot colder than at your house. Bring warm clothing in case it is.

Basic Information

The Pack would like to have the scouts arrive by 3:45 pm for the Underwater Robot Class or 5:30 pm on Saturday, April 20th for the overnight opportunity.

NOTE: For an additional $5.00 per person, Cub Scouts and family members may participate in building an underwater robot from 4:00 - 6:00 pm.

There will be guided tours of the vessels at 6:00 pm. After the tours, everyone can unload their gear and settle in on the Submarine and/or Cutter. Outdoor activities such as soccer, football and Frisbee are encouraged throughout the evening. We will be assisting the museum in the retiring of the colors on the shore side of the submarine. We have scheduled to have pizza delivered at 7:30 pm inside of the museum. After dinner, we would like to have a campfire outside in the fire ring. We can cook campfire goodies and enjoy the evening. Inside the ships there will be TV/video players in which the scouts can enjoy documentary videos, submarine and warship movies. You can bring your own or check them out in the gift shop. 11:00 pm is lights out. At that time, those who have signed up for watch can begin their shifts. In the morning, we will be getting ready to clean up and depart at 9:00 am. The Pack has not provided breakfast on Sunday morning.

Trip Check List

Parents – Please review this info with your scouts and siblings prior to the trip.

Things to Bring:

1. Sleeping bag and pillow.

2. Washcloth, towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste.

3. Proper clothing. Remember it can be a lot cooler near Lake Michigan than it is at your home. Bring cool weather clothing.

4. Flashlight

5. Snacks and drinks.

6. Cards, board games, videos, Frisbee, baseball + mitt, etc.

7. Spending money for gift shop and next day.


1. No running in the submarine or in parking lot.

2. The sidewalk is off limits to children.

3. No gum is allowed on the sub.

4. All food (including snacks) and drink must stay in the mess hall.

5. The sinks and toilets on the sub are non-functional. Do not use or pour anything into them.

6. Do not touch any knobs, switches, dials, buttons, levers, or wheels on the sub.

7. Children may not leave the sub after dark unless accompanied by an adult.


- For those not participating in the underwater robot class, the arrival time is 5:30pm. Saturday, April 20th.

- Once everyone has gathered, the overnight supervisor will review the rules. Parents are needed to sign up for night watch (1 hour shifts).

- Guided tours. The guided tours will start but can only accommodate 25 people so we’ll have to go in shifts. You may visit the museum or gift shop or play games (bring baseball + mitt, Frisbees, kickball’s, etc.) in the adjacent yard while waiting your turn for a tour.

- Chow. We will have pizza and drinks for dinner. You can bring your own food for dinner if you like. You can eat in the museum or on the outdoor picnic tables. We may eat before the tours if time allows.

- As a group, we will help retire the colors.

- The overnight supervisor will assign bunks and you can bring your gear onto the Sub.

- Free time. You can do the scavenger hunt, play cards, watch movies, have snacks, have a campfire, etc.

- 10:00 pm is the start of quiet time. If you want to remain outside after this time, you must be quiet or you will be restricted to the vessel.

- The gift shop and indoor restrooms will remain open till about midnight. The porta-johns are available all night. REMEMBER YOUR FLASHLIGHTS!

- 11:00 pm is lights out. All outdoor activity must stop and you must remain quiet on the submarine. First watch begins. At least one adult must be awake at all times. The officer of watch must make checks through the entire vessel every hour. The schedule of watch officers must be posted in the mess with the bunk location of each listed.

- 7:30 am is lights on. Rise and shine!

- 8:00 am - Reveille and Colors

- 8:05 am – Breakfast time if desired. You must supply your own breakfast, which you may eat in the museum. Many people will just stop for breakfast on their way home.

- 8:30 am – Off-load gear and clean up your mess. Check under your bunks! Remove all garbage.

- 9:00 am – Boat inspection. This is a good time to make last minute purchases from the gift shop. The group leader will be presented with the overnight certificates.

- 9:30 am – Departure time. Drive home safely.

Please stay and help with clean up. If many people help, it should only take about 20 minutes. Thank you.


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